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A multi-omic single-cell atlas of human gynecologic malignancies

Matthew Regner, Kamila Wisniewska, Susana Garcia-Recio, Aatish Thennavan, Raul Mendez-Giraldez, Venkat S. Malladi, Gabrielle Hawkins, Joel S. Parker, Charles M. Perou, VIctoria L. Bae-Jump, and Hector L. Franco. (2021) Under Review

A multi-omic dissection of super-enhancer driven oncogenic gene expression programs in ovarian cancer

Michael R. Kelly, Kamila Wisniewska, Matthew J. Regner, Michael W. Lewis, Joel S. Parker, and Hector L. Franco (2021) Under Review 

CRISPR-based knockin mutagenesis of the pioneer transcription factor FOXA1; optimization of strategies for multi-allelic proteins in cancer cells

Shen Li, Joseph P. Garay, Colby A. Tubbs, and Hector L. Franco (2021)

FEBS Open Bio 


Total Functional Score of Enhancer Elements Identifies Lineage-Specific Enhancers that Drive Differentiation of Pancreatic Cells

Venkat Malladi, Anusha Nagari, Hector Franco, and W. Lee Kraus (2020) Bioinformatics and Biology Insights Jul 1; 14-20

Transcriptional Control by Enhancers and Enhancer RNAs

Michael W. Lewis, Shen Li, and Hector L. Franco (2019) Transcription

Enhancer Transcription Reveals Subtype-Specific Gene Expression Programs Controlling Breast Cancer Pathogenesis 

Hector L. Franco, Anusha Nagari, Venkat Malladi, Wenqian Li, Yuanxin Xi, Dana Richardson, Kaori Tanaka, Jing Li, Michelle C. Barton, Xiaobing Shi,  Khandan Keyomarsi, Mark T. Bedford, Wei Li, Sharon Y. R. Dent, and W. Lee Kraus (2018) Genome Research. 28: 159-170

Histone Modification Profiling in Breast Cancer Cell Lines Highlights Commonalities and Differences Among Subtypes

Yuanxin Xi, Wenqian Li, Kaori Tanaka, Kendra L. Allton, Dana Richardson, Jing Li, Hector L. Franco, Anusha Nagari, Venkat Malladi, Khandan Keyomarsi, Jianjun Shen, Mark T. Bedford, Xiaobing Shi, Michelle C. Barton, W. Lee Kraus, Wei Li and Sharon Y. R. Dent (2018) BMC Genomics. 19:150 

Reciprocal Feedback between miR-181a and E2/ERα in Myometrium Enhances Inflammation Leading to Labor.

Lu Gao, Gang Wang, Weina Liu, Holly Kinser, Hector L. Franco and Carole R. Mendelson (2016) J. Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. Oct;101(10):3646-3656

No Driver Behind the Wheel? Targeting Transcription as a Therapeutic Strategy in Cancer.

Hector L. Franco and W. Lee Kraus (2015) Cell. 163(1):28-30.

TNFα Signaling Exposes Latent Estrogen Receptor Binding Sites to Alter the Breast Cancer Cell Transcriptome.

Hector L. Franco, Anusha Nagari and W. Lee Kraus (2015) Molecular Cell. 2;58(1):21-34.

Interplay Between Inflammatory and Estrogen Signaling in Breast Cancer.

Anusha Nagari, Hector L. Franco (2015) Cytokine. 76(2):588-90.

Nonsense mutations of the bHLH transcription factor TWIST2 found in Setleis Syndrome patients cause dysregulation of periostin.

Hector L. Franco, Jose J. Casasnovas, Ruth G. Leon, Robert Friesel, Yongchao Ge, Robert J. Desnick and Carmen L. Cadilla (2011) Int Journal Biochemistry and Cell Biology. 43(10):1523-31

Redundant or separate entities; Roles of Twist1 and Twist2 as molecular switches during gene transcription.

Hector L. Franco, Jose Casasnovas, Jose R. Rodriguez Medina, and Carmen L Cadilla (2010) Nucleic Acids Research. 39(4):1177-86

Homozygous nonsense mutations in TWIST2 cause Setleis syndrome.

Turgut Tukel, Drazen Šošić, Lidah I. Al-Gazali, Mónica Erazo, Jose Casasnovas, Hector L. Franco, James A. Richardson, Eric N. Olson,2 Carmen L. Cadilla, and Robert J. Desnick (2010) American Journal of Human Genetics. 13;87(2):289-96

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